Nate Diaz walks out of another interview after Jake Paul complains of lack of promotion from UFC star

Nate Diaz will Nate Diaz.

By: Anton Tabuena | 5 days ago

Nate Diaz is not going to help promote the Jake Paul fight, well at least how the YouTuber wants it.

The Stockton native hasn’t engaged or bit on any of the smack talk from Paul, and ahead of their boxing match this weekend, Diaz walked out of yet another interview.

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 7: Nate Diaz speaks to the media during the UFC 279 media day on September 7, 2022, at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo by Amy Kaplan Icon Sportswire) MMA: SEP 07 UFC 279 Icon220907360279
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Nate Diaz abruptly ends interview with Jake Paul

Much like the promotional tour in his previous boxing fights, Jake Paul set up a “face to face” sit down with Nate Diaz, with Ariel Helwani moderating. The media event is designed to draw out last minute trash talk during fight week, but apparently Diaz is having none of it.

Watch Diaz hilariously walk out of yet another interview:

Jake Paul complained of lack of promotion from Nate Diaz

Diaz hasn’t engaged with any of the trash talk, nor has he been very active on social media about the fight. This led to Paul complaining of how “boring” Diaz has been during the lead up, and as the promoter, he seems to be worrying about the PPV buys for the event.

“That’s what I wanted – that’s why I signed up for this – is to give the people a show and to squash this beef,” Paul previously complained. “He talked a lot more shit to me before we signed up to fight. So, he’s kind of being a b—ch in that sense. I expected more out of him, and I expected him to carry that gangster attitude and to not take my insults. But he’s pretty much rolled over like a b—ch and has been quite boring, which pisses me off. But I’m used to carrying these promotions. It’s no different in this one.”

February 2, 2022, New York City, New York, New York City, NY, United States: NEW YORK New York City, New York, NY - FEBRUARY 2: Jake Paul interacts with media during the Amanda Serrano v Katie Taylor press conference, PK, Pressekonferenz at Madison Square Garden on February 2, 2022 in New York City, New York, United States. New York City, New York United States - ZUMAp175 20220202_zsa_p175_002 Copyright: xMattxDaviesx
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I’m not surprised motherf—

Jake Paul shouldn’t at all be surprised with Diaz walking out of this most recent face off. This has always been part of his trademark antics and personality, with both Diaz brothers infamous for marching to their own beat and having sort of an anti-establishment behavior.

Diaz won’t play ball just because a promoter asked them to. Paul also shouldn’t be surprised, because Diaz warned everyone in advance about this.

“That’s his problem,” Diaz previously said about Paul’s complaints. “I think my fighting from over the years promotes my fights, and I’m not gonna get into a little kid argument with the guy and act like it isn’t realer than it is.

“I don’t talk a bunch of s—t like he wants to do, I don’t want to see him talk s—t and go back and forth.”

“Don’t watch”

“I don’t care,” Diaz said. “I’m in an important point of my career where it’s like, I’m not trying to scare anybody, I’m not trying to fool anybody. If people want to watch, that’d be great. If they don’t, that’s fine too.

“That’s where [Paul] got me twisted. I’m not in a gimmick fight with him. Man, I only need him to know that I’ll whoop his ass. I don’t need the whole world. I don’t need to go begging for people to watch. Don’t watch.”

If Nate Diaz’s big payday is guaranteed and he doesn’t have much (or any) cut of the PPV, it also makes it extra hilarious that he’s completely indifferent about promoting the event.

For what it’s worth though, Diaz walking out on media obligations likely draws more headlines — like this one I’m typing now — than a full segment of him disinterestedly listening to Paul making ten different promises about getting a KO. Him not caring and saying “don’t watch” is also on brand for Diaz.

Nate Diaz may not promote things the traditional way, but for the most part, it works. Just don’t expect him to do something just because you asked him to.

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