Conor McGregor almost ready for Nate Diaz trilogy

Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal and Michael Chandler all attempt to insert themselves into the BMF conversation after Justin Gaethje's win over Dustin Poirier at UFC 291.

By: Nate Wilcox | 4 days ago

UFC 291 may not have merited an in-person viewing by Dana White, but Justin Gaethje’s shocking second round KO win over Dustin Poirier to claim the imaginary BMF belt certainly got the UFC lightweight division taking to social media and talking trash. Where to start, where to start?

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Conor McGregor tweets and deletes, Justin Gaethje regulates

Let’s start at the top, going by celebrity status and click-bait powers anyway. Former two-division UFC champ and current shame to the sport, Conor McGregor was quick to tweet (and soon after delete) a challenge to the new champ….and then delete it.

Screenshot 2023 08 02 at 12.08.00 PM

“I’m the real bmf, he can fight for pennies if he wants but I want spirits, I call the shots, I’m in it to launch shots, fu*k chandler, you want it call for it.”

And more…

“Justin, I’ll slap you around,” Conor tweeted.

Screenshot 2023 08 02 at 12.04.20 PM

Justin Gaethje responds at presser, tweets are exchanged

“I like to fight big fights, so it sounds pretty exciting to me. I’m not gonna fight someone on steroids,” said Gaethje at the UFC 291 post-fight press conference when asked about McGregor’s tweets. “I’ve never taken steroids in my life, never will … and I don’t want to fight someone that’s cheating. And I probably shouldn’t say that if I want the fight, but it’s the truth.”

This led to a further exchange of tweets in which McGregor guaranteed a one shot KO and Gaethje replied, “sign the contract big boy.”

And Conor responded, “signed.”

Michael Chandler inserts himself

As for the man who spent a whole season coaching The Ultimate Fighter opposite Conor McGregor in anticipation of a very lucrative match against Mystic Mac…I’m referring to Michael Chandler. He was quick to insert himself in the discussion. Tweeting at McGregor, “Just pee in the cup @TheNotoriousMMA it ain’t that complicated.”

Chandler is referring to the issues McGregor is apparently having in getting back into the UFC’s USADA testing pool — something he failed to do in time to face Chandler in late 2023 as planned (although the promotion can choose to ignore USADA and book the fight anyway.)

Chandler followed up with a challenge to Gaethje. “Well now @Justin_Gaethje has the #BMF belt – he has to defend it against a worthy adversary,” Chandler tweeted (or X’d or whatevertheeff Elon calls it now):

Chandler sees championship future for Gaethje

Chandler also elaborated on Gaethje’s prospects and sees big things ahead for the BMF champ.

Justin Gaethje is no longer just a pugilist who goes out there and swings for the fences and wants to brawl,” Chandler said on his YouTube channel. “Justin Gaethje is on a quest to win a world title, and I think Justin Gaethje will go out there and win a world title. Whether it’s Makhachev or Oliveira, Gaethje’s going to get that title fight next.

“I think Justin Gaethje is the UFC lightweight champion by the first quarter of next year. I think he beats Islam. I think he beats Oliveira. Justin Gaethje has cleaned up. He already had all the attributes, he already had the cardio, the speed, the power, he’s got great wrestling defense. He already had all the attributes. But now, him honing in those skills, it’s gonna be tough for one of those dudes to beat him, I think.”

Dustin Poirier shuts down Chandler

Poirier had had enough, tweeting “Shut ya bitchass up.”

Poirier hasn’t been a fan of Chandler since Chandler fishhooked him in their UFC 281 bout. He was probably also salty about Chandler correctly picking Gaethje to win.

Jorge Masvidal drops huge bet on Poirier, rips ‘midget’ McGregor

And we can’t ignore the original BMF champ, Jorge Masvidal.

First up, he claims to have dropped $100,000 betting on Dustin Poirier to beat Justin Gaethje.

“[I’m] making wagers that I probably shouldn’t,” Masvidal told TNT Sports after UFC 291. “I put $100,000 on D.P, on Dustin Poirier. Kids I’m sorry, you’ve got to go to public school now.”

And he brooked no sass from McGregor. ““@TheNotoriousMMA shut ur mouth you pissing hot midget ur not cleared to fight. Talking about fighters going thru the grind and process. I bet you never say my name you scared (chicken),” Masvidal tweeted.

Conor McGregor now angling for Nate Diaz trilogy too

If Michael Chandler’s chances at a fight with Conor McGregor weren’t already looking dismal, McGregor just broadened the scope of his future fight interests. Notably once he’s done with beating Justin Gaethje in that totally real fight that he’s totally going to get, then he’ll move on to a trilogy with Nate Diaz. Nevermind that Diaz isn’t even signed with the UFC right now.

image 15

As of yet there are still no signs that McGregor has re-entered the USADA testing pool. But he’s definitely got big plans once that happens, any day now.

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