Paul vs. Diaz results and highlights: Ashton Sylve scores sensational TKO

Ashton Sylve is one of Jake Paul's projects in the boxing world. Time to see how he does in the biggest challenge of his young career.

By: Stephie Haynes | 2 days ago

Before Jake Paul fights Nate Diaz, Ashton Sylve will hit the ring for the biggest test of his young career. Sylve is a 9-0 teenager (with a million instagram followers) who was signed to Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions. Paul has booked him on his shows with a view to grooming him into a star he can promote once his fighting years are behind him.

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Last time out he took a unanimous decision over Adam Kipenga on Paul’s Most Valuable Prospects show. Prior to that he beat Braulio Rodriguez via first round KO on the Paul vs. Anderson Silva undercard.

Ashton Sylve hype vid, with Snoop Dogg.

At Paul vs. Diaz, Sylve will face William Silva, a tough vet who should pose a decent challenge and threat to the youngster. The Brazilian Silva is 30-4 and a former opponent of Teofimo Lopez

William Silva vs. Ashton Sylve live play-be-play

Round 1

Silva comes forward lands a quick body shot. Sylve lands two up top and one to the breadbasket. Sylve lands again to the midsection. Two up top for Sylve. Silva lands a shot to the body and a big right up top. Sylve counters to the midsection. Silva with a good uppercut. The men tie up with Sylve breaking free first and landing a left on the break. Double left hook answered with a missed left, followed by a solid right to the jaw for Sylve. Another big right for Silva. Sylve with a combination ending with a body shot.

Round 2

Sylve comes out Southpaw and the two tie up. Left is landing for Sylve followed by a body shot. Right-left combo lands for Sylve. Sylve is fast and landing with everything he’s throwing right now. Sylve switches to orthodox and lands a good overhand right. Silva ties up. Three punch combo lands for Sylve. Sylve lands a 4-punch combo. Huge body shot drops Silva but the bell saves him.

Round 3

Silva comes out and throws an immediate left to the body. Sylve answers with a shot to the ribs. Sylve continues his assault to the body. Left hook narrowly misses for Silva. Quick left from Silva lands to Sylve’s jaw. Sylve confident and is working the body consistently. Left-right up top lands for Sylve. Left hook lands for Sylve. Both men pawing with punches in the center. Quick left lands for Sylve up top. Silva lands a two punch combo. Sylve responds with a nasty body shot that clearly hurt Silva to end the round.

Round 4

Sylve pawing with the jab. Silva comes in low and lands to the body. They tie up. Silva landing jabs up top. Sylve goes back to the body. Left hook lands for Sylve. Silva backs up Sylve into the corner but Sylve fights out easily. Sylve is teeing off on Silva after a huge body shot. Silva lands a big hook that turns Sylve’s head. Nice combo for Silva answered by another nasty body assault and two huge bombs up top. 10 second warning. Sylve lands a huge left to the body that puts Silva down. Silva isn’t getting up. Fight over. “He’s only 19!” is shouted from the booth.

Ashton Sylve defeats William Silva vis KO at 2:59 of round 4

Round 5

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Round 6

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Round 7

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Round 8

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Official decision

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Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz Full fight card

Main card

  • Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz; Cruiserweight
  • Amanda Serrano vs. Heather Hardy; For Serrano’s IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO women’s featherweight titles
  • William Silva vs. Ashton Sylve; Lightweight
  • Chris Avila vs. Jeremy Stephens; Super middleweight
  • Olivia Curry vs. Shadasia Green; Women’s super middleweight


  • Alan Sanchez vs. Angel Beltran; Welterweight
  • Quilisto Madera vs. Kevin Newman II; Middleweight
  • Jose Aguayo vs. Noel Cavazos; Welterweight
  • Luciano Ramos vs. CJ Hamilton; Super lightweight

Start time and date

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz starts at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 5, 2023. The main event ringwalks are expected to take place at 11 p.m. ET.

Live stream

Those who purchased this event on FITE.TV can watch it right here!

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