The UFC Schedule vs UFC Brand is about to go down – (mma)²

The UFC Brand is about to be severely tested by a stretch of 13 straight events.

By: Chris Rini | 2 months ago
The UFC Schedule vs UFC Brand is about to go down – (mma)²
Combat Wombat talks to an audience of UFC fans

UFC brand as a cinematic metaphor

To be a contemporary UFC Brand fan one should consider a scene from the movie American Gangster. Denzel Washington plays wholesaler Frank Lucas, who supplies a signature brand of heroin called Blue Magic. The brand is so pure and the product so satisfactory that it dominates the market. One of the brand’s retailers, Nicky Barnes (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.), “steps on” the product, cutting down it’s purity to grow his profit margin which earns him a reprimand from Washington’s character. The chiding is for use of the brand name on a subpar product. Washington insists that Gooding Jr. change the name; Red Magic or maybe even Blue Dogsh*t. That scene helps understand where the UFC product is today: stepped on to the point where the quality threatens the integrity of the brand.

Dana White as Drew Carey on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

We’re entering a stretch of 13 straight weeks of UFC events, roughly 65 hours of content that no one need watch for the promotion to collect its guaranteed broadcast rights fees. When we consider all this content and think about what the UFC Brand behind it is supposed to provide, all I ask you is:

Who is the MMA Gangster?

Who is MMA’s Denzel Washington in this scenario?

It is the fans?

Is it a former version of Dana White, complete with hair and his original teeth?

Is it the MMA Gods?

This has been the first edition of the new MMA Squared. This cartoon series has run for five years and it’s time to evolve with Bloodyelbow’s future. You might not agree with our opinions about the UFC but you gotta admit we call ‘em like we see ‘em without kissing up or kowtowing for access. Support independent MMA opinions by subscribing to the Bloody Elbow newsletter.

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