Chinese UFC star robbed by 4 men at gunpoint

UFC bantamweight fighter Song Yadong revealed he was robbed at gunpoint this weekend.

By: Bloody Elbow | 17 hours ago

A professional cage-fighter chose the better part of valor this weekend when he was robbed at a gas station by four armed men.

UFC’s Song Yadong reveals he was robbed at gunpoint

The UFC bantamweight fighter posted on Instagram and revealed his traumatic experience and wise response.

“For the first time in my life, I was held at gunpoint,” the 25-year-old bantamweight fighter said on Thursday.

“Last night, my friend and I drove back to Sacramento from San Francisco. On the way back, we were robbed by four black men at gunpoint.

“When we got there, those four Black people who robbed us were already there,”  Yadong said. “They’re not following us, they’re waiting for the victim.”

TMZ has more.

“Yadong — who last fought in April — says after they grabbed water at the gas station store, they were approached and held at gunpoint while the perpetrators demanded their valuables. Song says his friend was pistol-whipped.”

“The man told him to hand over his money, his wallet, his necklace, and hit him with the handle of his gun,” Yadong said.

Local TV news covers the story

NBC Bay Area reported on the story.

“The incident happened at about 2 a.m. at the Royal gas station on Tennessee Street in Vallejo.

“They all had ski masks on. Every single one,” Lin said.

“‘”‘Lin told NBC Bay Area that he had just purchased a bottle of water when he turned around and saw one of the young men with a gun pointed right in his face. And he was pulling at the gold chains around Lin’s neck.

“’He took my chain, one of my rings, everything in my pockets and once he got ahold of my car keys, he unlocked the car,’ he said.

“’That’s when I realized the man already put a gun in front of my head,’ he said.

“Yadong said he was shocked to see a gun in his face and he gave the thieves a necklace, a wallet and his phone because he might be tough but he says he knows better than to fight someone with a gun.

“’You know, it’s a real gun. If he moves his finger, you’re done. No chance to be the world champion,’”’ he said.

“Lin said that he couldn’t convince a worker at the gas station to call 911 and he became so upset that he regrettably hit a window with a golf club from his trunk.

“Both men are also expressing frustration for what they say is lawlessness in the Bay Area.

“’I kind of grew up in the Bay Area. Always loved the Bay Area. Now, if there’s not a reason to go to the Bay Area, I wouldn’t and I think that’s just sad,’ Lin said.

“’My friend told me don’t go out at night. But this is my first time and it’s real dangerous,’” Yadong said.

“A manager at the gas station said surveillance video of what happened early Wednesday morning has already been deleted.

“The gas station manager also declined to talk to NBC Bay Area about what happened that night and why police weren’t called immediately but police are involved now.”

UFC fighters are usually robbed by judges, not thieves

Usually when we use the word “robbery” next to “UFC fighter” in a headline it’s because a fighter is complaining about how the judges scored his fight.

Sadly, sometimes the fighter himself is the suspect in felonious acts.

Sometimes the fighter is the “good guy” and actually fends off the robber — you’ll note no gun was involved.

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