Endeavor’s Suffocation Strategy | MMA Media Interview

Join Bloody Elbow Owner, Kid Nate Wilcox in a candid interview with MMA Media OG, Zach Arnold of Fight Opinion

By: June M. Williams | 3 months ago
Endeavor’s Suffocation Strategy | MMA Media Interview
Endeavor WWE-UFC Merger Announcement, 2023

Tête-à-tête (French “head-to-head”): noun – a private conversation between two people, usually in an intimate setting. | adjective – involving or happening between two people in private. | adverb – between two people in private.

‘Kid Nate’ is BACK!

The MMA Tête-à-tête/MMA Bunker/MMA Bathrobe review is back after a nine-year hiatus, ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox is reviving one of our most popular MMA podcasts. Thank you for joining us for Episode 07: A candid conversation between ‘Kid Nate’ Wilcox and Zach Arnold, of the MMA Media.

This Week’s Guest

Zach Arnold of Fight Opinion is the founder of the popular MMA site, which is self-described as, “Your Global Connection to the Fight Industry; while FOX Sports cited them as “…one of the best spots on the Web for thought-provoking MMA Pieces”. 

Zach is also the creator of Fight Opinion Radio. He is also a long-time professional wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts writer, focusing heavily on the North American and Japanese fight scenes.

He has written some of the biggest stories, scandals, and incidents that have taken place in the Japanese fight scene including:

  • The start of PRIDE. the near-death of PRIDE in 2002-2003 (after former President Naoto Morishita was found dead), and the eventual death of PRIDE due to a major yakuza scandal
  • The K-1 corporate tax evasion scandal of 2002-2003
  • The collapse of the Japanese pro-wrestling scene (and the politics behind it)

‘Kid Nate’ welcomes him onto the Bloody Elbow Podcast Network, while giving all the lucky BE Substack listeners over forty minutes of pure, unadulterated bonus content.

This Week’s Episode

Hola cage-fighting connoisseurs! In this episode, ‘Kid Nate’ hunkers down in the MMA Bunker with his elite guest, Zach Arnold, has written articles on numerous web sites including 1wrestling.comWrestlingObserver.comBoxingScene.com, and FoxSports.com. He is also the founder of PuroresuPower.com, a Japanese pro-wrestling web site started on June 20th, 2000. They talk a variety of combat sports topics. Click play on the show and join the discussion.

Topics Include:

  1. Tell us the history of your FightOpinion.com website
  2. The downfall of PRIDE
  3. The Endeavor: UFC-WWE and TKO enterprises
  4. Flash Entertainment, Zuffa and the UFC
  5. Trainers and Boxers cashing in by going to Abu Dhabi
  6. Continued business in the Saudi region with WWE & the UFC
  7. International Expansion possibilities for Endeavor now
  8. Where do you see the expansion potential to be most likely
  9. How does the war between Russia and Ukraine, the state of affairs with NATO currently affect business for Ari Emmanuel
  10. Can Ari also endure changes in the White House and cold wars currently ongoing
  11. The future of streaming for WWE, UFC – Endeavor vs the current deals in place
  12. Will WWE’s next streaming deal after Peacock going to give us an indicator as to where UFC may go beyond ESPN+
  13. What do you foresee as the future of various streaming platforms
  14. What do you foresee as the future of various streaming platforms

15. The precarious future of Warner Bros-Discovery, Paramount, Disney, & Hulu
16. Endeavor potentially buying one of these streaming services in their 5-year acquisitions plan
17. Elaborate on the ‘Suffocation Strategy’ of Endeavor as a corporate entity
18. Where are WWE entertainers in the earnings pool compared to UFC fighters and Boxers
19. Can Boxing be monopsonized, what odds does Endeavor have in being a major player in the boxing arena in the next five years
20. What will the fan experience look like in the next five-ten years
21. Zuckerburg, meta, Occulus, game space and licensing with Ari
22. Francis Ngannou headed to PFL or boxing… will he be able to garner a larger share of the action
23. Does Endeavor have any risks they could encounter that could damage them
24. What future do you see with Anti-Trust issues

Tune-in to this Bloody Elbow Podcast Production with our fearless leader ‘Kid Nate’ Wilcox, and enjoy! Thanks for pledging your support to the efforts of our 100% listener-supported podcast team, and joining us for the show today!

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Show History

The ‘MMA Tête–À–Tête with ‘Kid Nate’ was born as a spin off of our wildly successful MMA Bunker’ podcast & Kid Nate’s ‘Bathrobe Review’ series, about a decade or so ago. This show has always featured our fearless leader ‘Kid Nate’ inviting guests from the MMA world and MMA Media Community to have a one-on-one candid conversation with him about hot button topics in Combat Sports. Today, we continue on with that tradition.

Previous guests have included MMA notables, the likes of which include; Luke Thomas, Coach Michael Riordan, Dallas Winston, Brian D’Souza, John Makdessi, Jack Encarnacao, as well as our very own Fight Analyst and Deputy Site Editor Zane Simon, MMA Podcast Producer and MMA Podcast Host Stephie Haynes and Guest Author and Podcast Host, Eugene S. Robinson, Ben ‘The Bane’ Davis, Jason Cruz, Karim Zidan, and now Zach Arnold.

We churned out a total of sixty-six episodes of the show over the course of two years, spanning from 2011 to 2013. It is truly our pleasure to bring this MMA show back to the airwaves for you. Thank you for listening to this Bloody Elbow Podcast Network Production with our owner, ‘Kid Nate’ Wilcox.

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You can enjoy more from Zach Arnold regarding global combat sports topics in North America and Japan on FightOpinion.com, and listen in on Fight Opinion Radio. Follow him for engaging content on twitter @FightOpinion. You can also catch up with ‘Kid Nate’ on twitter @KidNate. While you’re browsing social media, be sure to follow us as @BloodyElbow on twitterfacebookinstagram, and at BloodyElbow.Substack.com & BloodyElbowPodcast.Substack.com.

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