Conor McGregor or Francis Ngannou: Who got the better boxing / MMA deal?

Francis Ngannou is NOT the highest paid fighter even with the PFL deal, Conor McGregor is. If Conor was under the terms Francis just got...

By: June M. Williams | 3 months ago
Conor McGregor or Francis Ngannou: Who got the better boxing / MMA deal?
Francis Ngannou signs with PFL (Professional Fighters League) | Art by: Chris Rini, Bloody Elbow Art Director

The Show Money crew is Paul Gift, “the economist”, Jason Cruz, “the lawyer”, and John Nash, “Bloody Elbow’s Financials Columnist”, who also happens to be the man who knows everyone and everything in MMA. They bring you the business side of MMA, in depth, in a way you won’t find anywhere else! 

Show Money

In Episode 52 recorded on Friday, May 19, the issues discussed include: 

  • The Show Money Crew offering their thoughts on Francis Ngannou signing with PFL
  • Will the PFL (Professional Fighters League) recoup the investment it has made on Francis Ngannou?
  • If Conor McGregor were fighting under Francis Ngannou’s contract in the UFC, he would be making a lot more than he has been; he would be getting a much larger percentage of the event revenue

“Francis Ngannou is NOT the highest paid fighter even with the PFL deal, Conor McGregor is. However, if Conor was under the terms Francis just got, he would be making a ton more.

John Nash
  • Francis Ngannou will be getting the high end of seven figures; making this the best contract we have seen in a major promotion to date
  • It benefits PFL for Francis Ngannou to set up a boxing match before starting with them in 2024
  • Will UFC leave their streaming deal with ESPN behind?
  • New update on the UFC Financials that were recently released
  • UFC is hitting peak everything, revenue, etcetera — yet fighter pay is reversed, down to 13%, which it the lowest percentage by combat sports industry standards

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The Paul the economist, Jason the lawyer, and John Nash – Bloody Elbow’s Financials Columnist, all team up to bring you the business side of MMA!

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