Francis Ngannou is the Muhammad Ali for our sport

Jason Lee of MMAi Fight Analytics explains why Francis Ngannou may be the Muhammad Ali for the sport, and more in his candid interview with Nate Wilcox.

By: June M. Williams | 3 months ago
Francis Ngannou is the Muhammad Ali for our sport
Francis Ngannou signs with PFL (Professional Fighters League) | Art by: Chris Rini, Bloody Elbow Art Director

Tête-à-tête (French “head-to-head”): noun – a private conversation between two people, usually in an intimate setting. | adjective – involving or happening between two people in private. | adverb – between two people in private.

‘Kid Nate’ is BACK!

The MMA Tête-à-tête/MMA Bunker/MMA Bathrobe review is back after a nine-year hiatus, ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox is reviving one of our most popular MMA podcasts. Thank you for joining us for Episode 08: A candid conversation between ‘Kid Nate’ Wilcox and Jason Lee, MMA Business Analyst and Data Scientist with MMAi Fight Analytics.

This Week’s Guest

Jason Lee of MMAi Fight Analytics is the founder of the popular MMA site which also features an array of fascinating documentaries on their YouTube channel. Based out of Chicago, IL, the industry leader in “analyzing the intersection of technology, business and MMA’“ can be found at, Jason is breaking ground there with a series of fascinating documentary videos delving deep into the technical side of the combat sports industry.

Their latest video up right now titled, “Francis’ Future and the MMAi Strategic Plan, aka: We are STILL missing the point of Francis’ Contract” is a must-see piece. It can be found right here.

‘Kid Nate’ welcomes him onto the Bloody Elbow Podcast Network, while giving all you lucky BE Paid Substack listeners almost a full hour of pure, unadulterated MMA content.

This Week’s Episode

Hola cage-fighting connoisseurs! In this episode, ‘Kid Nate’ hunkers down in the MMA Bunker with his elite guest, Jason Lee, of MMAi Fight Analytics.

We use data to create digestible and insightful MMA stories for fans of the fight game. The art of number crunching meets the art of face punching.


Their wildly popular YT channel is self-described as a place where they are “Leveraging the scientific method, data and advanced scouting to produce the most rigorous MMA breakdowns in the sport. Plus, regular investigative pieces diving deep into the most important questions in MMA and the business of MMA. Nowhere on YouTube will keep you better appraised of the FULL landscape of MMA than MMAi”.

Nate and Jason got together recently to talk over a variety of combat sports topics. Click play on the show and join the discussion…

Topics Include:

  1. Give us some history about your journey in the combat sports industry
  2. What happened with the James Krause Coach gambling controversy
  3. This issues in the industry with entities like Zuffa and Endeavor, their role in a corrupt ecosystem
  4. Where do we draw the line on what is acceptable to gamble on?
  5. The lack of regulation in the way gambling in combat sports was originally laid out
  6. Allowing betting on WWE coming to fruition soon? 
  7. The TKO group in the new merger with Endeavor, UFC-WWE
  8. Pro Wrestling Injuries, injuries in one-on-one sports in general can affect gambling outcomes, particularly in a predetermined outcome situation like in WWE.
  9. Fans expectations of what is happening vs what is really happening in the sport… i.e. TJ Dillashaw fighting against Aljamain Sterling with a torn shoulder, fans thinking it was a fix
  10. Gambling on UFC banned in Alberta Canada Province affecting DraftKings and their relationship with UFC
  11. Dana White’s claim that he has the best social media analytics for Power Slap, and Jason’s video recently released on the topic called ‘Dana Illiterate, aka: The HIDDEN TRUTHY about Dana White’s Power Slap Analytics’.

12. How big a deal is this Francis Ngannou/PFL deal for MMA?
13. Free Agency was born out of the story of Curt Flood
14. Francis Ngannou’s legacy as a pioneer for the business of MMA
15. Francis Ngannou may be the Muhammad Ali for the sport
16. Conor McGregor’s MMA Journey was cut short with a series of asterisks
17. Jake Paul Celebrity boxing does not equate to a true fight
18. Could Jones beat Ngannou? We will never see that fight in the UFC, so we will never know
19. Dana White had ruined his reputation as a reliable narrator for MMA
20. Ngannou will bring MMA to the forefront as the Marquee combat sport in the world
21. Q: Why do you personally think MMA fans should care enough to pay for a BE subscription? – A: Investing in accountability in MMA to start…
22. The better conditions and pay become for the fighters, the better quality fights you would be getting.

Tune-in to this Bloody Elbow Podcast Production with our fearless leader ‘Kid Nate’ Wilcox, and enjoy! Thanks for pledging your support to the efforts of our 100% listener-supported podcast team, and joining us for the show today!

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Show History

The ‘MMA Tête–À–Tête with ‘Kid Nate’ was born as a spin off of our wildly successful MMA Bunker’ podcast & Kid Nate’s ‘Bathrobe Review’ series, about a decade or so ago. This show has always featured our fearless leader ‘Kid Nate’ inviting guests from the MMA world and MMA Media Community to have a one-on-one candid conversation with him about hot button topics in Combat Sports. Today, we continue on with that tradition.

Previous guests have included MMA notables, the likes of which include; Luke Thomas, Coach Michael Riordan, Dallas Winston, Brian D’Souza, John Makdessi, Jack Encarnacao, Zane Simon, Stephie Haynes, Eugene S. Robinson, Ben ‘The Bane’ Davis, Jason Cruz, Karim Zidan, Fight Opinion’s Zach Arnold, and now Jason Lee of MMAi Fight Analytics.

We churned out a total of sixty-six episodes of the show over the course of two years, spanning from 2011 to 2013. It is truly our pleasure to bring this MMA show back to the airwaves for you. Thank you for listening to this Bloody Elbow Podcast Network Production with our owner, ‘Kid Nate’ Wilcox.

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