Hitting the Links: Naoya Inoue crushes, Child boxers, and Cerrone calls out Andrew Tate

Here are the UFC, MMA and boxing stories you might have missed during the week, including what could be next for Naoya Inoue.

By: Tim Bissell | 1 week ago

UFC and MMA news comes at you fast, so you’re bound to miss a couple of things throughout the week. Have no fear, Hitting The Links is here. Below you’ll find links to the big (and under-the-radar) stories we published this week. Maybe you’ll see something you missed.

Sport Bilder des Tages Boxing: Inoue vs. Fulton fight Naoya Inoue of Japan celebrates after dethroning Stephen Fulton of the United States as unified WBO and WBC super bantamweight champion in a boxing world title fight at Ariake Arena in Tokyo on July 25, 2023. PUBLICATIONxINxAUTxBELxBIHxBULxCZExDENxESTxFINxFRAxGEOxGERxGRExHUNxISLxIRLxITAxLATxLTUxLUXxLIExMKDxNORxPORxPOLxROUxSVKxSUIxSRBxSLOxESPxTURxUKxUAExONLY A14AA0001710462P
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Who’s next for Naoya Inoue? Filipino champion confirmed for undisputed title fight after face off

Promoters confirmed that a Filipino champion is likely next for Naoya Inoue. (read more)

Stephie Haynes: Doesn’t matter, Inoue will mop the floor with them anyway.

Child boxing match involving 9-year-olds being promoted in West Virginia

A promotion in West Virginia is hosting a child boxing fight involving nine-year-olds. (read more)

Bissell: Our brains don’t stop fully developing until we are in our mid-twenties. The younger we are the more vulnerable they are. A hit to the head, even an innocuous looking one, at nine-years-old could have life-altering consequences.

Wilcox: This is really just a routine amateur kids boxing match but they’re promoting it like a pro fight.

WTF: Martial arts master goes Roadhouse in the streets

Martial arts don’t give you superpowers or make you an action star, but this guy somehow tried both. (read more)

‘I’m not used to losing’ – Tony Ferguson reveals firing ‘toxic’ coaches, says he’s still in his prime

Ahead of UFC 291, Tony Ferguson addressed his recent losing streak. (read more)

UFC 291: Alex Pereira responds to warning about Blachowicz’s power

Alex Pereira received a warning about Jan Blachowicz’s power ahead of their UFC 291 co-headliner, and here’s his response. (read more)

‘Enjoy trafficking women’ – Andrew Tate gets under UFC Hall of Famer’s skin

Controversial social media personality Andrew Tate continues to ruffle feathers. This time, he got under the skin of a UFC Hall of Famer. (read more)

Bissell: Andrew Tate is a pathetic boy in a men’s clothing who has built a shallow, yet glossy, life through basic and shameless exploitation plots. He deserves a punch in the face from someone who knows how to do it. Cerrone’s ‘human trafficking’ beliefs are probably coloured by the current right-wing moral panic over kidnappings. However, in calling out Tate he is actually calling out a very real human trafficker.

Stephie Haynes: While people are fawning over this callout, I’m gonna stay on the “Don’t give Cobra Taint a single molecule of stage or platform for any reason” side of the argument.

Jon Jones can’t ‘hold a candle’ to Tom Aspinall? – Champ delivers reality check to pundits

Is Tom Aspinall the next big thing at heavyweight? Jon Jones would like a word. (read more)

Bissell: I don’t think Jones has any interest in sticking around for the next generation of fighters. These fantasy match-ups with him and Aspinall and Pavlovich are fun to image, but will never happen.

‘Euphoria’ star signs with Jake Paul, but how good is he at boxing?

Javon Walton, known as “Ashtray” from Euphoria, has signed with Jake Paul’s boxing promotion. (read more)

Bissell: Ashtray will F— you up. If you know, you know.

UFC 291: New NBA owner’s call to Ari Emanuel ‘greased the wheels’ for Salt Lake City

With UFC 291, Salt Lake City is hosting its second UFC pay-per-view event in two years. (read more)

Wilcox: Zach Arnold’s concerns about Endeavor’s string pulling are well placed.

Vicente Luque cleared for UFC after brain hemorrhage

Vicente Luque will make his Octagon return with the specter of a serious brain injury hanging over him. (read more)

Bissell: I’ve covered dozens of deaths that have stemmed from brain bleeds. I’m so glad we avoided one of those here. Though, with the nature of the sport, the lack of education around brain injuries and the lax preparation for traumatic injuries that we see at some promotions, I fear it won’t be long until I’m writing about another death that could have been avoided.

55-year-old UFC Hall of Famer returns for grudge match against one-time CM Punk opponent

MMA is full of twitter beefs that never turn into actual fights, but at least one former UFC champ is getting his chance to settle a score. (read more)

Bissell: I don’t think anyone can win here.

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